The union of expert talent in the IT sector

Together, we
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We are a joint venture formed by companies that strategically associate to cover much more ambitious projects and provide solutions to a market with a high need for digitalization.

360º solutions

The union of expert talent in the IT sector

WitWaker is totally focused on the client and helps them improve their business metrics through the ability to unite specialized expert talent from a variety of companies with a common objective.

This allows us to provide a integral solution to the client, starting with advice where the client’s needs are defined and the strategy to cover the project is defined from the point of view:


We listen to the client's needs and issue a report regarding the actions to be taken and the different solutions detected.


If the client wishes, within the organization we have the technical capacity to provide advanced technological solutions.


Professionals in legal, tax and accounting advice with more than a decade of experience in both small startups and SMEs.


We help find financing by monitoring the grants and loans available at regional, national and European level.

About Us

More than a joint venture, a talent hub

WitWaker is the gear that makes the ecosystem work by coordinating and managing all the resources necessary for each project by area of ​​specialization. We act as a matrix organization, assigning resources to projects based on perfectly coordinated needs and development phase.

We make hyper-specialized equipment available to our clients under a single brand.

Innatial Developers

Software development

Innatial Developers is a team of professionals focused on concentrating talent and finding expert solutions to business projects.

It has a multidisciplinary organization, career analysts in international companies and the ability to deploy technical needs quickly and efficiently.

Fintech Consulting

Consulting and technological development oriented to the Fintech and Insurtech world. Experts in developing financial infrastructure for digital banking. Experts in payment systems and gateways, design of crowdfunding platforms and private crowdlending.

We Are Fintech


Big Data, IA & Machine Learning

Formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals that includes business consultants, data scientists and big data engineers who collaborate to obtain a global vision of their projects.

Innovation and learning of new technologies as a driving force for the company. Knowledge, motivation for a job well done and creativity are intrinsic values that define the day-to-day life of Datatons.

Venture capital and investments

Investment fund with extensive experience in real estate operations. With a venture capital division aimed at investments in technology-based startups.

Sport Patrimonial


Legal partner

Consulting and advice for all types of companies providing tax advisory services, accounting advice, labor advice, legal advice, economic and financial advice as well as account auditing.

Enfoq also directs its advisory services to elite athletes in the defense and promotion of their rights before production companies, photographers, the media and soccer clubs.

If it's digital, we can do it

Technological Consulting

Marketing & Social Media

Software development

Systems and Communications

Big Data and Analytics

Legal and Financial

Our process

Roadmap to success

We advise

We listen to the client's needs, analyze the sector and define the solutions that can give the client a competitive advantage to agree on a digital implementation strategy.

We develop

We have the technical capacity to provide advanced technological solutions (Development, BigData, Analytics, Systems and Communications, Marketing and Social Media).

We manage financing

We help in the search for private and public financing. We look for the grants that best suit the project and develop a strategy for your request.

We protect

We help in the search for private and public financing. We look for the grants that best suit the project and develop a strategy for your request.

We invest

We invest in technology-based businesses that meet our requirements and form an unstoppable team.

Venture Capital

We accelerate great ideas

WitWaker has the ability to accelerate technological projects regardless of the stage they are in. The WitWaker team can advise both at a strategic level and on any specific technology in which we are experts. We can integrate temporarily into the project structure or team until results are achieved.

We help find financing, subsidies and aid, accompanying you throughout the entire process.

In addition, WitWaker invests directly in projects with which we feel most aligned. Not only capital but we put our entire ecosystem to work in favor of the development of the startup.

And… what are we looking for?


We invest in entrepreneurs with great ideas who are capable of transforming them into a company with a great future.


We invest in projects focused on technology with a high scalability potential and being agnostic to the sector.

Seed projects

We look for companies in their initial phases (Seed to Early Stage) with a developed MVP and their first validated metrics.


We provide interim structure depending on the phase the company is in. Strategic definition and processes.


We accelerate great ideas

WitWaker will always have a small portfolio. We participate in companies not only with capital but also by providing knowledge and technology. We dedicate a lot of effort to our investee companies because we only have in mind to beat the market.

Today our portfolio is as follows and we continue searching and analyzing projects.

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